Understanding dyslexia

Effective Awareness training in Manchester,
Liverpool and the North-West of England

Trust in our team to provide a wide-range of services to aid with dyslexia. From dyslexia awareness training to a careers advisory service, our team are happy to help. 

Based in Bolton, Lancashire and serving clients throughout North-West England, we aid students and businesses that deal with dyslexia. 

Our aim is to promote a better understanding of this learning difficulty, whilst offering support to those who need it.

CHILD dyslexia Assessments

If your child is struggling with spelling, writing or reading and is not progressing as quickly as their classmates then you may
consider an assessment. Being able to identify the signs of dyslexia early in your child’s education is essential to provide the necessary help and support both at home and in school. Parker-Hope dyslexia consulting can diagnose dyslexia in children from as young as 7 years onwards.

student dyslexia Assessments

We provide post 16 years assessments allowing students to apply for the DSA prior to attending university. Many students have undiagnosed dyslexia and only begin to struggle as they enter higher education at A level or university. A full dyslexia assessment may allow these students access to valuable support such as 25% extra time in exams.


Many adults have struggled with reading and spelling all their life but may not be aware they have dyslexia. Many have had bad experiences at school. A full dyslexia assessment can shine a light on this condition and provide adults with a greater insight into their strengths and weaknesses, giving them an explanation why they have struggled for so long.


Dyslexia Work Focussed Assessments

In addition to a complete formal diagnosis,  we offer an assessment service that includes a job analysis option. This identifies work-focussed support, aids, and adaptions that benefit those with dyslexia.   


Dyslexia Awareness Training

This includes a bespoke package for organisations. It provides a greater awareness of dyslexia, and makes others aware of the problems that many people face. Contents include the identification of the difficulties associated with dyslexia. It’s particularly useful for human resources staff. The following topics are covered: 

 Workplace Difficulties
 Reasonable Adjustments
 Recruitment Considerations
 The Equality Act 2010

Dyspraxia and dyscalculia Assessments

Just like our dyslexia assessments, we provide testing options for dyspraxia as well. If you struggle with coordination, dexterity, organisation and time management you may benefit from a dyspraxia assessments. People with dyscalculia find mathematics difficult, particularly applying the rules of maths and perceiving time. A full assessment can be provided to identify this condition.

Dyslexia testing

Career Counselling

This is an essential experience for those effected by dyslexia, as it explores career interests and finds a match for areas of strength and talent. A push in the right direction is often all that it takes.

Boosting Confidence

Our team regularly see people with dyslexia, and low self-esteem and confidence levels are often apparent. This seriously compromises their productivity within a workplace. Dyslexia coaching and confidence building unlocks an individual’s potential, allowing them to work to their maximum. This unique coaching intervention draws on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles, making this a powerful tool for career and personal growth.