Understanding dyslexia

Assessments in Manchester, Liverpool
and throughout the North West

Realise your full potential with our friendly team. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that may not be apparent until adulthood. We provide a complete service to students and adults in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. These assessments can identify exam concessions, support for study and training. Workplace support is also provided together with guidance to employers on Reasonable Adjustments in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Full Diagnosis

Whether its students requiring a current appraisal for university or adults wishing to gain a full diagnosis for the first time, our team provide a complete diagnosis service. All assessments are carried out by fully accredited Psychologists and the reports are recognised under the Equality Act 2010. They also allow students to apply for the DSA prior to attending university.

Dyslexia Screening

A number of abilities are tested, including sematic fluency and a person’s ability to relate written words to sounds. The screening process cannot confirm a diagnosis of dyslexia, yet it indicates a high-probability. Our team endeavour to provide a thorough test that removes any doubts that you may have. Schedule an appointment for further details.

Dyslexia Assessments

An assessment is more complex than the screening process, and it’s designed to confirm a diagnosis while assessing a person’s strengths. Weaknesses are also discovered, and we monitor the learning and intellectual ability of each client. Our team are extremely thorough to ensure a correct diagnosis. 

The process involves various assessment methods. These tests aren’t limited to reading and writing abilities, as they also examine the following skills:

 Nonverbal Reasoning
 Vocabulary and the Ability to Reason Logically
 The Speed in Which Visual Information Processing Takes Place

An Effective Solution

A diagnosis is usually confidently made after the initial assessment, and it involves a variety of factors. All the skills are taken into consideration for an effective diagnosis. Once an assessment has been conducted, you receive a report outlining not just your weaknesses, but also your strengths. Understanding what you are good at is an important step in developing a plan that begins to tackle this learning difficultly. Our team provide effective services to ensure that you gain the support that you need.


Know the Law

Under the terms of The Equality Act 2010, all people with dyslexia in full-time education and employment are entitled to support. For children, they may have access to an Education Health and Care Plan and students to Examination Access Arrangements. Adults will be entitled to reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Our team are always happy to help.