Understanding dyslexia

About Parker-Hope Dyslexia Consulting

Specialising in Post 16 student assessments, we also provide complete screening and diagnostic services to individuals and organisations. Our team ensure that those with dyslexia receive the necessary support. Parker-Hope Dyslexia Consulting also offers a full range of services to organisations, providing advice and guidance on Reasonable Adjustments.

Increasing Awareness

Although dyslexia is now a recognised condition, the impacts are still unacknowledged. This includes the low self-esteem and confidence that often comes with the condition. Our goal is to provide a greater awareness of the condition and the impacts that it causes. Dyslexia often stops people from reaching their full potential in the workplace, and decreases productivity, which directly affects employers.

A Bespoke Service

Meeting legal responsibilities is extremely important in the workplace, and we provide a bespoke package to ensure that all the requirements are met. This applies to individuals as well as organisations.

Our Founder

Giselle Hope is a chartered occupational psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. She has worked with individuals and employers that deal with dyslexia. Individuals have overcome self-esteem, confidence, and performance issues with her help.